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R U An Endangered Species?™ Find Out!
4 Workshops that introduce 4 Action Campaigns at the intersection of social justice, culture and environment.

Attend or host a workshop. Learn what you can do to protect our social and natural eco-systems by joining a campaign to save human lives.


Does Homophobia Have a Carbon Count?
Gender Perception and Safety

The Problems

  • Gender violence and the threat of violence impacts women's choices for safe travel. Women often avoid traveling on public transportation at night in order to protect themselves from unwanted and/or aggressive attention by males.
  • Homophobia and stereotypes about GLBT people negatively shifts perceptions about feminine identity and subjects people to gender biased violence.
  • Despite anti-harassment regulations on public transportation, verbal assaults against women and folks perceived to be GLBT occur. Heterosexuals have also victimized by homophobic violence since stereotypes lead people to mistakes.
  • Our transportation choices reduce or increase our carbon footprint and green house gases. Individuals who are threatened or harassed may make the shift from using public transportation to personal transportation in order to protect themselves.

The "Does Homophobia" Curriculum

Introduction  |  The Problems  |  Solutions  |  Action Campaign

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