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R U An Endangered Species?™ Find Out!
4 Workshops that introduce 4 Action Campaigns at the intersection of social justice, culture and environment.

Attend or host a workshop. Learn what you can do to protect our social and natural eco-systems by joining a campaign to save human lives.


Does Homophobia Have a Carbon Count?
Gender Perception and Safety


  • Determine the extent of harassment on public transportation including buses, trains, the ferry and planes by reporting and documenting the time, the place, the route, and the bus number, as well as the direction of travel if you experience harassment verbal or physical. Report the incident to the transportation authority and to our campaign.
  • Reduce harassment on public transportations by implementing a no tolerance policy.
  • Provide sensitivity and safety awareness training for public transit operators and staff.
  • Create a harassment response system which guides transit operators and support staff to know what to do when a problem occurs that does not require the police.
  • Join the campaign help us collect information by surveying the GLBT community.

The "Does Homophobia" Curriculum

Introduction  |  The Problems  |  Solutions  |  Action Campaign

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