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R U An Endangered Species?™ Find Out!
4 Workshops that introduce 4 Action Campaigns at the intersection of social justice, culture and environment.

Attend or host a workshop. Learn what you can do to protect our social and natural eco-systems by joining a campaign to save human lives.


Human Estuaries™ Our Polluted Streams

The Action Campaign

  • Support Urban Wilderness Project's initiative for the creation of Blue Corps at the national and local level. Creating Blue Corps, would provide a grassroots multi-generational peer education and service model designed for educating the community about our blue planet. It would also create a pathway to white collar policy making positions for underrepresented in environmental fields. Unlike other Corps (such as AmeriCorps, The Peace Corps and the military Corps) which are for adults only, trained volunteers from elementary school to adulthood will accumulate service points that can be used for educational credit and education fees in environmental fields from health to marine ecology.
  • Demand a public safety and education campaign that provides water filters for individual houses and schools regardless of income.
  • Participate by joining Arts Actions to raise awareness about water issues, responding to the blog alerts from Urban Wilderness Project and contacting policy makers, representatives, and newspapers.
  • Volunteer your expertise to help create the media campaign, compile research materials, make a You Tube video, design a web site, make stickers, and raise money. Be Part of the Solution.
The Human Estuaries Curriculum

Introduction  |  The Problems  |  Solutions  |  Action Campaign

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