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R U An Endangered Species?™ Find Out!
4 Workshops that introduce 4 Action Campaigns at the intersection of social justice, culture and environment.

Attend or host a workshop. Learn what you can do to protect our social and natural eco-systems by joining a campaign to save human lives.


Human Estuaries™ Our Polluted Streams

The Problems

  • Prescription drugs and other chemicals have been found in municipal drinking water supplies and ground water in the U.S.
  • Waster water treatment plants were not designed and are not able to remove pharmaceuticals, rocket fuel and many persistent toxins. These toxins and other people's medicine remain in the water cycle--even after treatment in U.S plants.
  • The chemicals we ingest (pharmaceuticals and prescription pills) accidentally or deliberately show up in our urine and are flushed down the toilet. BPA, an endocrine disruptor which mimics estrogen, leaches from plastic bottles showed up in measurable quantities in our urine according the Center for Disease Control and other reports.
  • As prescription drug consumption increases we will be increasingly exposed to the pharmaceutical and chemical cocktails found in our drinking water.
  • Personal care products such as lotions, shampoos, and make-up wash off our bodies after being absorbed through our skin and become part of a toxic water cycle.
  • EPA regulations are not providing adequate protection as over 2,000 new chemicals are approved each year. The burden of proof that these chemicals are safe or unsafe falls on the consumer in the U.S. While other countries in the European Union require that the chemical company proves the safety of a chemical before it can be used.
  • The bio-cumulative effects of these multiple chemical exposures have not yet been examined as a whole to determine its impact on human life. Non-carcinogens are allowed on the market and can be found in our fruit, air and water and our bodies.

The Human Estuaries Curriculum

Introduction  |  The Problems  |  Solutions  |  Action Campaign

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